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Experienced Massachusetts Firm Handles Trademarks for Clients

Skilled intellectual property lawyers protect your business image nationally

The public identifies your business, product or service through its distinctive branding, logo, design, slogan, wording or picture and even in some cases sound or smell. These trademarks immediately establish your business as unique and enhance its reputation. That’s why registering and protecting your trademark is essential to preserving your business’s meticulously crafted image. Kenneth Reich Law, LLC helps clients to register and protect trademarks. Whether you need assistance registering your mark, selecting a mark that will survive examiner challenges, responding to office actions or taking action against an infringement, we offer the knowledgeable advice and advocacy you deserve

Massachusetts attorneys assist with trademark registration

You can prove your ownership of a trademark by registering it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our attorneys are skilled at filing detailed applications with the USPTO that fully satisfy all of the complex requirements. We cause a search of the Government database to determine if your proposed mark is already in use or may be at risk of rejection for consumer confusion. We then assist you through each stage of the application process, including clearly describing your mark and the goods or services it represents and responding to examiner questions or office actions that may arise along the way.

Proven litigators defend your business from trademark infringement

The use by another company of your trademark can lead to lost profits and a tarnished reputation. When a company’s similar name, style, lettering, picture or other branding causes confusion, you may have a valid infringement claim. Our lawyers will work to stop the unauthorized use of your trademark by sending a cease and desist letter and pursuing litigation if necessary to obtain an injunction and damages against the infringer.

Contact our Massachusetts intellectual property attorneys for help with a trademark or to stop infringement of your trademark

If your business wishes to register a trademark or act to stop infringement, Kenneth Reich Law, LLC has the skill and experience to help. Call us at 781-281-9931 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Boston office.

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